Pegah Keshmirshekan, born in 1996 in Iran, is currently working and living between Berlin, Germany and London, UK. The key question that she deals with in her artistic practice is how collective identities contribute to the formation of one’s personhood in the globalized world. Through documentation of events in her videos, sound works, installations and paintings, her work addresses how imaginary pictures and fictional imagery are shaped through experience of displacement and diasporic experimentations. Pegah has curated events and seminars on aspects of inter-cultural practices in contemporary art and is a co-founder of the initiative I.D.A. (Intersectionality, Diversity, Antidiscrimination) and she is a member of the Soltity Collective.



2019-2020 Erasmus Semesters at the Central Sain Martins, London, United Kingdom
2016-2023 Fine Arts student, University of Arts, Berlin (UdK), Germany
2016 Enrolment in Painting at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna, Austria
2015-16 Studying BA in Graphic Design, Al-Zahra  University, Tehran, Iran


2023 (Upcoming) Stolz Stubner Preis, 8 December, UdK Berlin


2022 “Background Noise”, Raum für Sichtbarkeit, Berlin, Germany
2022 “Three Positions”, Gallery O, Tehran, Iran
2022 Sinema Transtopia, Bibak, Berlin, Germany
2021 “SYNC”, Freiburg L6, Germany
2021 Festival of Emerging Art, KUNSTRAUM Gallery Weekend, Berlin, Germany
2021 Cold Film Festival, Maryland, US
2020 “Moving between Place and Self”, Studierendenwerk KUNSTRAUM, Berlin
2020 “The Usual Porpoises”(Online exhibition), London, England
2019 “Seen By #12”, Museum of Photography Berlin
2017 Rundgang University of Arts Berlin (Udk), Germany
2014 “Javanan-e pishrow (Young Avant-gardes)”, Group Exhibition at the Mellat Gallery, Mellat Complex, Tehran, Iran
2012 “The Inner Layers”, Group Exhibition at the Mellat Gallery, Mellat Complex, Tehran, Iran


2021 “Korean Nomad”, 22-26 November, UdK
2020 “Moving between Place and Self” group exhibition, Kunstraum, Berlin, Germany
2019 “Fava Connection”, 2-7 December, Udk and Bi’bak, Berlin
2018 “Iran 101”, 21-25 November, UdK, Berlin


2023 Stolz Stubner Preis
2021 Deutschlandstipendium