Temporal Spaces

2019 (ongoing), mixed media installation

Exploring the notions of learning and forgetting, growth and erasure, accomplishment and failure, this work aims to expose the paradoxical realities behind educational methodologies, personal aspirations and cultural manuals. The playground is a domain in which opinions about education, exploration, aesthetics, and public space abound. Considering a range of spaces and devices for interactivity, self-development and play, it is questioned about the rules and methodologies used to educate and shape the existential outlook of the playground user. The installation undermines the promise of playgrounds as sites of exploration intended to prepare children for navigating life’s rough terrains. The overall goal is a viewer experience that, through aesthetic means, sheds light on the encoding embodied in the playground as a cultural form.

This work will consist of a Photograph taken in Yazd, Iran from a playground which was built in the ruins of an old Caravanserai. The image will be converted into a video with sound effects together with an installation of objects referring to the aesthetic means, focusing on the playground as a cultural form.

Rundgang 2019, University of Arts, Berlin